The J Subset is Jordan and Joshua.



Production & Distribution

Jordan manages every aspect of production and distribution for The J Subset. A fully current, totally plugged-in denizen of our digital age, she nevertheless cherishes the art of hand-written communication. Jordan is crazy about going down the rabbit hole with frequent stops to watch horror movies, reminiscing and validating the 1990s, and discussing how awesome dinosaurs are. She also loves being able to partner up with her best friend and embark on a thrilling creative journey together.




Joshua is a designer living in NYC. While he’s always looking up hoping to see Spider-man slinging from skyscraper to skyscraper, his design work at the American Museum of Natural History keeps him grounded in the wonders of the natural world. His obsession with gymnastics and dance are a constant source of inspiration. The comic books he avidly read as a kid likewise come through in his work, here and there tinted with the nostalgic colors of a bygone era. Joshua’s ultimate aspiration is to create enticing portals his audience can fall into—even if just for a moment.


Featured in the online publication The Seattle Lesbian on April 19, 2016